Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI), an ICSSR-recognised institute, is celebrating its 25 years in 2016. As part of the year-long celebrations, a series of seminars and conferences have been planned.

The organisation has produced some of the high quality research in the field of development economics and political economy since its inception in 1991, particularly in the context of Bihar. Some of the luminaries in the field of economics and social sciences, including Professor Amartya Sen, Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Professor Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Professor Barbara Harris-White, Professor Prabhat Patnaik, Professor Francine R Frankel, have delivered the institutes Foundation Day Lecture in the past.

We invite scholars to present a paper in the International Conference on Development: Experience and Theories. Abstract and your brief CV (1-page) can be e-mailed to: by August 31, 2015. Please write Abstract/Conference-1 in the subject line and send your file as an attachment in the MS-Word (1997/2003) format. Please use Times New Roman in 12 point size, with 1.5 spacing while typing. We discourage hard copy submissions.

Upon selection, you would be required to send the complete paper by November 30, 2015.

Sub-themes of the conference are as follows: Development Experience in India and Worldwide; Theories of Development; Development Theories beyond Economics; Gender and Development; International Institutions and Development; Role of State, Market and Civil Society in Development

We will publish all the selected papers.

We will be happy to sponsor participants travel and local hospitality for attending the conference.