Kanchan Chandra Kanchan Chandra, Professor of Politics at NYU, works on questions of ethnicity, democracy, violence, patronage and clientelism, party politics and the politics of South Asia. She is the lead author of Democratic Dynasties
(Cambridge University Press, 2016), Constructivist Theories of Ethnic Politics (Oxford University Press, 2012), author of Why Ethnic Parties Succeed: Patronage and Ethnic Headcounts in India (Cambridge University Press, 2004) and of articles in several leading journals. Her work has been supported by fellowships from the Princeton Program on Democracy and Development, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, the Center for
Advanced Studies in the Behavioural Sciences, the Russell Sage Foundation and research grants from the National Science Foundation, and the United States Institute of Peace. She is currently working on two large-scale research projects — (i) A project which theorizes about the effect of ethnic mobilization on democratic stability and governance from a
constructivist perspective, combining field research with cross-national data on ethnic parties and violence around the world and (ii) A project on democratic transformations in South Asia.